Attested Persons

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Emdash (—) in a name indicates missing letters at the beginning (see "—" in alphabet bar), middle or end.
Hyphen ( - ) indicates a hyphenated name.
Square brackets [ ] indicate that the name is partially or completely restored in this inscription.
Pilcrow (¶) links to a permanent web address for each person, for referencing in external prosopographical databases.

Κ— K—1391–1491 C.E. father of John
Κα.ζ.ρ.ηος Ka.z.r.iosVIII–IX centuries C.E.
Κα.ια Ka—iaIV–V centuries C.E.
Καλάνα Kalana1327 C.E.
Καλανιτζα Kalanitza1347 C.E.
Καλανιτζα Kalanitza1348 C.E. mother of Philomnitza
mother of Is(?)tan—
Καλλ— Kall—IInd century C.E.
Καλλέας KalleasIInd century C.E. son of Gaius
husband of Hedytea
Καλλιάδας Kalliadas2nd half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Dionysios
Καλλιάδας KalliadasLate IV - early IIIrd centuries B.C. son of Artemidoros
Καλλιάδας KalliadasIInd century B.C. Athanagoras
Καλλίστρατος KallistratosProbably not long after 10th July 138 father of Nanon
Καλοῦς Kalous2nd half of II - early IIIrd centuries C.E. father of Basilides
Κάμμις KammisIIIrd century B.C. son of Antiphilos
Καμυάρκα KamyarkaIV–V centuries C.E.
Κανδιτζις Kanditzis470–480s C.E. (before 491–492 C.E.; 473–474 or 483–484 C.E.?).
Καπουσκαλος KapouskalosXIV–XV centuries C.E.
Καραμάνι— Karamani—XV century C.E.
Κάρβανος KarbanosIV century C.E.
Κεδo KedoIX–XIth centuries C.E.
Κεδοτ— Kedot—X–XI centuries C.E.
Κεθρίνη Kethrine
Κεφαλᾶς Kephalasca. 120–63 B.C. father of πρεσβευτής
Κίνωλις Kinolis2nd half of IVth century B.C. son of Pasichos
Κλάδεος Claudius (?)Late I-II centuries C.E.
Κλε— Kle—1st half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Polystratos
Κλεῖτος Kleitos1st half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Damatria
Κλεώ KleoIInd century B.C. daughter of Nikagoras
wife of Nikasitimos
Κλήμης ClemensXIV–XV centuries C.E. πρεσβύτερος
Κομ—υσχα Kom—ysxa1413 C.E. πρεσβυτερίσσα
Κονσταντῖνος ConstantineXIII–XV centuries C.E.
Κόνχα Koncha2nd half of II - 1st half of IIIrd centuries C.E. wife of Sterichos
Κοσμᾶς CosmasX–XIII centuries C.E.
Κοσμᾶς KosmasXIV–XV centuries C.E. κόμης
Κοσμᾶς KosmasXIII–XV centuries C.E. πρεσβύτερος
Κοσμᾶς KosmasX–XII centuries C.E.
Κοσμᾶς KosmasIX-X centuries C.E.
Κόστας KostasLate X – 1st half of XI century C.E.
Κόστας Kostas1387 C.E. son of George
Κόστις Kostis1382 C.E.
Κοττίχα KottichaLate IV - early IIIrd centuries B.C. wife of Damatrios
Κούλιος KouliosIInd century C.E. related of —n
related of
Κριτόβουλος KritoboulosIst century C.E. πάλην πυγμήν
Κρόνιος Kronios1st half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Hiero
Κτησίας KtesiasLate III - 1st half of IInd centuries B.C. son of Herakleios
Κτησίας KtesiasLate IV - early IIIrd centuries B.C. father of Agasikles
Κυρ— Kyr—XI–XIII centuries C.E.
Κυρά Kyra1375 C.E.
Κυραδία Kyradialate IV–V century C.E.
Κυραδία Kyradialate IV–V century C.E.
Κυρακή KyriakeIV century C.E.
Κυρηακός KyriakosSecond half of IV - V centuries C.E.
Κυριακή KyriakeSecond half of IV century C.E.
Κυριακός KyriakosIV–V centuries C.E. son of Theodore
Κυριακός KyriakosXIII–XV centuries C.E. father of Ianis
Κυριακός Kyriakos1471 C.E. ἱερεύς
Κυριακός Kyriakos767 C.E. son of George
Κυριακός Kyriakos497–498 C.E. son of Leontiskos
Κυριακός KyriakosIX-X centuries C.E.
Κυριακός KyriakosХ century C.E.
Κύριλλος CyrilXIV–XV centuries C.E.
Κυρίχα KyrichaLate I - early IInd centuries C.E. daughter of Mu—
wife of Me—
Κῦρος CyrusX–XII centuries C.E.
Κωνσταντῆνος ConstantineIХ–XI centuries C.E.
Κωνσταντῖνος ConstantineVI–VII centuries C.E.
Κωνσταντῖνος Constantinelate IV–V century C.E.
Κωνσταντῖνος ConstantineXIII–XIV centuries C.E.
Κωσταντῖνος ConstantineIX-X centuries C.E.

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