Volume V. Byzantine Inscriptions

Andrey Vinogradov

This is the first electronic edition of the Byzantine Inscriptions from the Northern Black Sea (IOSPE3 vol. V). The introduction, editions and commentary are by Andrey Vinogradov, English translations are by Irene Polinskaya. The inscriptions were encoded following the EpiDoc Guidelines for use of XML for ancient documentary editions, and the website and supporting materials are the work of Gabriel Bodard, Irene Polinskaya and colleagues at the Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London.


The introduction to the Byzantine inscriptions outlines the structure of the volume, the history of scholarship, the geography and chronology of the Northern Black Sea region in late antique and mediaeval times, and the classification of inscriptions, monuments and formulae.


The inscriptions in this volume are ordered by place of origin, and also accessible via the indices to the whole corpus and the search/browse interface.