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Emdash (—) in a name indicates missing letters at the beginning (see "—" in alphabet bar), middle or end.
Hyphen ( - ) indicates a hyphenated name.
Square brackets [ ] indicate that the name is partially or completely restored in this inscription.
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Λαγοῖος Lagoios2nd half of IIIrd century B.C. son of Parmenon
Λαγορεῖνος Lagoreinos2nd half of I - early IInd centuries C.E. husband of Apollodora
son of Damokles
Λαγορῖνος LagorinosLate Ist century B.C. - 1st half of IInd century C.E. father of Xanthos
Λαγορῖνος Lagorinos129/130 A.D. father of Damokles
Λάζαρος LazarosV–VI centuries C.E.
Λάμαχος LamachosCirca 46 B.C. son of Damatrios νομοφύλαξ
Λαοδίκη LaodikeIInd century A.D. daughter of Heroxenos
wife of Titus Flavius Partenokles
Λαοδίκη LaodikeIInd cent. B.C.E. daughter of Titus Flavius Apollonius
granddaughter of Titus Flavius Ariston
sister of Titus Flavius Ariston
sister of Titus Flavius Attinas
Λα—ουλι-βει La—ouli-beyXIV-XV centuries C.E.
Λεόντις LeontisXIII–XV centuries C.E. son of Gregory
Λεόντισκος Leontiskos497–498 C.E. father of Kyriakos
Λεσχανορίδας LeschanoridasLate IV - early IIIrd centuries B.C. son of Eucles ἰατρός
Λέων Ἀλιάτης Leon Aliates1059 C.E. πατρίκιος καὶ στρατηγὸς Χερσῶνος καὶ Σουγδαίας
Λ—ιον— L—ion—VIII-IX centuries C.E.
Λουκᾶς LoukasX–XI centuries C.E.
    Λουκᾶς Loukas1402–1403 C.E.
    Λούκιος LukiosIInd century C.E. father of Stratonikos
    Λούκιος LukiosIInd century C.E. father of
    Λοῦος LouosIV century C.E. father of Agorastos
    Λύσανδρος LysandrosIIIrd century B.C. father of Archeso

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