Volume I. Inscriptions of Tyras and vicinity

Askold Ivantchik

This is the first electronic edition of the inscriptions from Tyras and its vicinity, from the Northern Black Sea (IOSPE3 vol. I). The introduction, editions and commentary are by Askold Ivantchik, English translations are by Irene Polinskaya. The inscriptions were encoded following the EpiDoc Guidelines for use of XML for ancient documentary editions, and the website and supporting materials are the work of Gabriel Bodard, Irene Polinskaya and colleagues at the Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London.

Note for users

An updated edition of volume I (Inscriptions of Tyras) was published in print in 2021 by Ausonius Press (https://ausoniuseditions.u-bordeaux-montaigne.fr/collections/autres-collections/inscriptions-of-the-northern-black-sea) and should be cited as INBS I. The present online edition (2017) should continue to be cited as IOSPE³ vol. I, followed by the inscription number and the relevant URL. With questions and comments, please contact the author and editors: ivantchik@u-bordeaux-montaigne.fr, irene.polinskaya@kcl.ac.uk


The inscriptions in this volume are grouped by Category of Text, with relevant sub-categories, and within the latter, by Date, in chronological order. They are also accessible via Indices, Ins. # window and the Search Corpus interface.