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Emdash (—) in a name indicates missing letters at the beginning (see "—" in alphabet bar), middle or end.
Hyphen ( - ) indicates a hyphenated name.
Square brackets [ ] indicate that the name is partially or completely restored in this inscription.
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Χα— Cha—2nd half of II - 1st half of IIIrd centuries C.E. father of —enion
Χαδ(?)συμινια Chad(?)siminia1361–1362 г. daughter of Ioannikios
Χαιρομένης Chairomenes1st half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Euxitheos
Χαντιμ Chadim1361–1362 C.E. father of Theodoritzes
grandfather of Ikoumanisa
Χαρμίππος CharmipposIst century B.C. father of Asklapiadas
Χάρμιππος CharmipposLate III - early IInd centuries B.C. son of Prytanios
Χαταις Chatais1301 C.E. brother of Theodoritzes
son of Palpan
grandson of Tzogatai
Χατού Chatou1382–1383 C.E.
Χηματῖνος Chematinos129/130 A.D. father of Heraios
Χουϊτάνης Chouitanes1300–1301 or 1361–1362 C.E. ἑκατοντάρχης
Χρή— Chre—IInd century B.C. daughter of Dionysios
wife of Hodoiteles
Χρησίμη Chresima108/9 C.E. wife of Aristonikos
Χρηστίων ChrestionIInd century C.E. father of Alexander
son of Apollonios
    Χρηστίων ChrestionProbably not long after 10th July 138 father of
    Χρηστίων ChrestionIInd cent. A.D.
    Χρηστίων Chrestion129/130 A.D. son of Boiskos
    brother of Demokrates
    brother of Heroxenos
    Χρηστίων Chrestion129/130 A.D. father of Pythodorus
    Χρῆστος ChrestosIInd century C.E. husband of —om—
    Χριστοφόρος ChristopherIV–V centuries C.E. πρεσβύτερος
    Χριστοφόρος ChristopherVI–VII centuries C.E.
    Χριστοφόρος ChristophorusVII–VIII centuries C.E.
    Χρυσοῦς Chrysous2nd half of II - first half of IIIrd centuries C.E. son of Pharnakes
    Χωδ— Chod—Ist century C.E. son of Ompsalakos

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