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Emdash (—) in a name indicates missing letters at the beginning (see "—" in alphabet bar), middle or end.
Hyphen ( - ) indicates a hyphenated name.
Square brackets [ ] indicate that the name is partially or completely restored in this inscription.
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Γαζούριος GazouriosIst century C.E. son of Metrodoros πρῶτος ἄρχων
Γαζούριος GazouriosIst century C.E. son of Metrodoros
brother of Daiskos
Γαζούριος GazouriosIst century C.E. son of Metrodoros
Γαίος GaiusIInd century C.E. father of Kalleas
Γάιος GaiusLast third of Ist century B.C. - mid Ist century C.E. son of Antiochos
Γαίος Gaius2nd half of II - first half of IIIrd centuries C.E. father of Markianos
Γάιος Ἰούλιος Αἰμιλιανός Gaius Julius AemilianusProbably not long after 10th July 138 son of Julius ἄρχων
Γάιος Ἰούλιος Καίσαρ Gaius Julius CaesarCirca 46 B.C. ὕπατος δικτάτορ
Γάιος Ἰούλιος Σάτυρος Gaius Julius SatyrosCirca 46 B.C. son of Theogenos
Γάπρ GaprVIII–IX centuries C.E.
Γεμίνιος Geminios2nd half of I - early IInd centuries C.E. son of Geminios Valens
    Γεμίνιος Οὐάλενς Geminios Valens2nd half of I - early IInd centuries C.E. father of Geminios
    Γενναῖος GennaiosIV-V centuries C.E.
    Γέρων GeronLate IV - first half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Aeschinas
    Γέρων GeronIIIrd century B.C. father of Akis
    Γεώργιος Georgelate IV–V century C.E.
    Γεώργιος GeorgeLate X – 1st half of XI century C.E.
    Γεώργιος George1387 C.E. father of Archontissa
    father of Kostas
    father of Maurikis
    father of Simeonis
    father of Eirene
    Γεώργιος George1403–1404 C.E. son of Alma
      Γεώργιος GeorgeX century C.E.
      Γεώργιος George767 C.E. father of Kyriakos
      son of Viddir
      Γεώργιος GeorgeSecond half of IV - V centuries C.E.
      Γεώργιος GeorgeХ century C.E.
      Γεώργιος Μαμσυ George MamsyIX-Х centuries C.E.
      Γιανάκης GianakisXIV–XV centuries C.E. father of David
      Γλαυκίας GlaukiasIInd century C.E. father of Oinanthe
      Γλαύκων Glaukon1st half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Nana
      Γοργίππα GorgippaCa. mid-IVth century B.C. daughter of Matris
      sister of Amphias
      Γορδιανός GordianosVI–VII centuries C.E.
      Γόσα GosaIInd century B.C. Philippos
      wife of Apollonios
      Γόσων GosonIVth century B.C. son of Papias
      Γόσων GosonLate IV - 1st half of IIIrd century B.C. husband of Euthena
      Γρηγόριος GregoryVI–VII centuries C.E.
      Γρηγόριος GregoryXIII–XV centuries C.E. father of Leontis
      Γρηγόρις GregoryX–XII centuries C.E. ἀναγνώστης
      Γ—ς G—1168–1198 C.E.
      Γυμν— Gymn—1st half of Ist century C.E. father of —einos

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