I. Inscriptions of Tyras and vicinity

State decrees
— State decrees honouring citizens
1 Honorific decree, 1st half of III century B.C.E.
2 Decree honouring Cocceius, April 27, 181 C.E.
3 Honorific decree, 211 C.E.
4 Honorific decree, early III century C.E.
— State decrees honouring foreigners
5 Proxeny decree for Herodoros, II century B.C.E.
— Varia
6 Honorific decree, I-II century C.E.
7 Fragment of a decree, 147 C.E.
8 Fragment of a decree, ca. 180 C.E.
9 Honorific decree, II century C.E.
10 Honorific decree, II century C.E.
11 Honorific decree, III century C.E.
Public Inscriptions other than decrees
— Letters of state officials
12 Letter of the governour of Lower Moesia to magistrates of Tyras, 201 C.E.
13 Letter to magistrates of Tyras, II century C.E.
14 Letter of an official, 2nd half of II - 1st half of III century C.E.
— Public inscriptions of uncertain type (Varia)
15 Public inscription, 2nd half of II century C.E.
16 Public inscription, II century C.E.
Dedicatory and other inscriptions with religious content
— Dedications of private individuals
17 Dedication to Egyptian gods, II-I century B.C.E.
18 Dedication to Egyptian gods, II-I century B.C.E.
19 Dedication of Priscus, II century C.E.
20 Dedication on marble louterion, III century B.C.E.
21 Dedicatory inscription, 2nd half of I - II century C.E.
22 Dedicatory inscription, II-III century C.E.
Building inscriptions
— Building inscriptions of rulers and officials
23 Building inscription by the Odrysian king Rhoimetalkes, 19-26/38 C.E.
24 Building inscription of the Roman garrison, 114-117 C.E.
25 Building inscription, early II century C.E.
Honorific inscriptions
— Inscriptions honouring Roman emperors and their family members
26 Honorific inscription for emperor Hadrian, march 118 C.E.
27 Honorific inscription, II century C.E.
28 Honorific inscription for emperor Severus Alexander, 222-235 C.E.
— Inscriptions honouring citizens
29 Honorific inscription for Autokles, son of Oiniades, 1st half of III century B.C.E.
— Honorific inscriptions. Varia
30 Honorific inscription for anonymous, 2nd half of III century B.C.E.
Lists of names
31 List of names, 2nd half or late III century B.C.E.
32 Epitaph of Arestos, II century B.C.E.
33 Kallistratos, son of Seilios, last third of I century C.E.
34 Fragment of an epitaph, II-III century C.E.
35 Epitaph of Laisthenes, 1st third of III century C.E.
36 Epitaph of Dionysia Pia, wife of Sousos, I-III century C.E.
37 Fragment of an epitaph.
Inscriptions on weights
38 Designation of weight measure.
39 Designation of weight measure, uncertain date.
40 Incertum, III century B.C.Е.
41 Incertum, III century B.C.E. (?).
42 Incertum, III-II century B.C.E.
43 Incertum, IV - I century B.C.E.
44 Incertum, 166 C.E.
45 Incertum, II century C.E.
46 Incertum, II century C.E.
47 Incertum, II century C.E.
48 Incertum, II-III century C.E.
49 Incertum, II - III century C.E.
50 Incertum, II-III century C.E.
51 Incertum, II-III century C.E.
52 Incertum, II - III century C.E.
53 Incertum, II - III century C.E.
54 Incertum, II - III century C.E.
55 Incertum, II-III century C.E.
56 Incertum, II-III century C.E.
57 Incertum, II-III century C.E.
58 Incertum, II-III century C.E.
59 Incertum, late II - III century C.E.
60 Incertum, 1st half of III century C.E.
61 Incertum, 1st half of III century C.E.
62 Incertum, III century C.E.
63 Incertum, III century C.E.
64 Incertum, I-III century C.E.
65 Incertum, I-III century C.E.
66 Incertum, I-III century C.E.
67 Incertum, I-III century C.E.
68 Incertum, unknown date.
69 Incertum.