I 1. Tyras. Honorific decree, 1st half of III century B.C.E.





White marble. 

Dimensions (cm)

H. 16.0, W. 19.0, Th. 4.5.

Additional description

Broken in two joining fragments. The bottom is preserved. Broken off on all sides except the bottom. 

Place of Origin


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In the northern part of the inner courtyard of the fortress, (Trench 19), reused in a medieval building. 

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Found in 1928, excavations of P. Nicorescu. 

Modern location


Institution and inventory


Epigraphic field


On the front. Broken off on all sides except the bottom. 


Letters are carefully cut, with light serifs. Dotted theta; theta and omicron smaller than other letters; nu with short right hasta; top and bottom strokes of sigma are for the most part horizontal, but occasionally slightly splayed. 

Letterheights (cm)




Honorific decree. 


1st half of III century B.C.E. 

Dating criteria



L1. Nicorescu 1933, 566-569, № 2, fig. 17; 1.1. Karyshkovsky 1959, 112-113, № 1. 


[--- ἐπεὶ δὲ κα-]
[λῶς ἔχον ἐστὶ] τὰ̣[ς καθηκούσας χάριτας τοῖς εὐ-]
[εργέταις ἀ]ποδίδοσ̣[θαι ὑφ’ ὧν συνέβη τῶι δήμωι ἡ-]
[μῶν εὖ πα]θεῖν· δεδό[χθαι τῆι βουλῆι καὶ τῶι δήμωι·]
[στεφαν]ῶ̣σαι αὐτὸν ἐ[πὶ τούτοις χρυσῶι στε-]
5[φάνωι] ἀ̣ρετῆς ἕνεκε[ν] κα̣[ὶ εὐνοίας τῆς εἰς τὸν]
[δῆμο]ν· στεφανοῦσθα̣ι δὲ αὐτ̣[ὸν διὰ βίου ἐν τοῖς]
[ἀγ]ῶσι πᾶσι μετὰ τῶ̣ν εὐεργετ̣[ῶν· τῆς δὲ ἀναγγε-]
[λία]ς τοῦ στεφάνου τοὺς ἀεὶ καθισ̣τ̣[αμένους ἀγω-]
[νοθέ]τ̣ας ποιεῖσθαι τὴν ἐπιμέλει[αν· τοὺς δὲ ἄρ-]
10[χοντας ἀνα]γράψαντας εἰς στήλη̣[ν τὸ ψήφισμα]
[--- τοῖς δὲ] ἀναγκαίοις αὐτοῦ δ[οῦναι ---]
[--- τοὺ]ς ἄρχοντας ἀφι̣[---]



EpiDoc (XML)

<div type="edition" xml:lang="grc">
      	<lb n="00"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="line"/>
      	<lb n="0"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">ἐπεὶ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">δὲ</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">κα</supplied>
      	<lb n="1" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">λῶς</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἔχον</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἐστὶ</supplied> 
      τ<unclear>ὰ</unclear><supplied reason="lost">ς</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">καθηκούσας</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">χάριτας</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τοῖς</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">εὐ</supplied>
      	<lb n="2" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">εργέταις</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἀ</supplied>ποδίδο<unclear>σ</unclear><supplied reason="lost">θαι</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">ὑφ’</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ὧν</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">συνέβη</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">τῶι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">δήμωι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἡ</supplied>
      <lb n="3" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">μῶν</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">εὖ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">πα</supplied>θεῖν· 
      δεδό<supplied reason="lost">χθαι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τῆι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">βουλῆι</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">καὶ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τῶι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">δήμωι</supplied><supplied reason="lost">·</supplied>
      	<lb n="4"/><supplied reason="lost">στεφαν</supplied><unclear>ῶ</unclear>σαι αὐτὸν ἐ<supplied reason="lost">πὶ</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">τούτοις</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">χρυσῶι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">στε</supplied>
      	<lb n="5" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">φάνωι</supplied> <unclear>ἀ</unclear>ρετῆς ἕνεκε<supplied reason="lost">ν</supplied> 
      κ<unclear>α</unclear><supplied reason="lost">ὶ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">εὐνοίας</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τῆς</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">εἰς</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τὸν</supplied>
      	<lb n="6"/><supplied reason="lost">δῆμο</supplied>ν· στεφανοῦσθ<unclear>α</unclear>ι δὲ 
      αὐ<unclear>τ</unclear><supplied reason="lost">ὸν</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">διὰ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">βίου</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἐν</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">τοῖς</supplied>
      	<lb n="7"/><supplied reason="lost">ἀγ</supplied>ῶσι πᾶσι μετὰ τ<unclear>ῶ</unclear>ν 
      εὐεργε<unclear>τ</unclear><supplied reason="lost">ῶν·</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τῆς</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">δὲ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἀναγγε</supplied>
      	<lb n="8" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">λία</supplied>ς τοῦ στεφάνου τοὺς ἀεὶ 
      καθι<unclear>σ</unclear><unclear>τ</unclear><supplied reason="lost">αμένους</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἀγω</supplied>
      	<lb n="9" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">νοθέ</supplied><unclear>τ</unclear>ας ποιεῖσθαι τὴν ἐπιμέλει<supplied reason="lost">αν·</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">τοὺς</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">δὲ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἄρ</supplied>
      	<lb n="10" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">χοντας</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">ἀνα</supplied>γράψαντας εἰς 
      στήλ<unclear>η</unclear><supplied reason="lost">ν</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τὸ</supplied> 
      <supplied reason="lost">ψήφισμα</supplied>
      	<lb n="11"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">τοῖς</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">δὲ</supplied> 
      ἀναγκαίοις αὐτοῦ δ<supplied reason="lost">οῦναι</supplied> <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
      	<lb n="12"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">τοὺ</supplied>ς ἄρχοντας 
      <w part="I">ἀφ<unclear>ι</unclear></w><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
Apparatus criticus

4: [στεφανῶ]σαι Nicorescu, Karyshkovsky
6: αὐ[τὸν Nicorescu, Karyshkovsky
7: εὐεργε[τῶν Nicorescu, Karyshkovsky
8: καθισ̣[ταμένους Nicorescu, Karyshkovsky
9: τοὺς δὲ - - -] Nicorescu, Karyshkovsky
10: [- - - ἀνα]γράψαντας Nicorescu, Karyshkovsky; τὸ ψήφισμα θεῖναι ἐν - - -] Nicorescu, Karyshkovsky


[- - - since it is well] to return [fitting thanks to the benefactors, by whose (actions) it came about for our People to fa]re [well. The Council and the People shall] deci[de to cr]own him, [because of these, with a gold crown] on account of his virtue and [his friendliness to the Peopl]e. He is to be crowned [for the duration of his life] in all [conte]sts together with benefactors; [the agonothe]tai appointed for the time being shall make it their care [to proclaim] the crown; [the archons shall in]scribe [the decision] on a stele; for his necessities? the archons [shall give? - - -]



The inscrtiption was supposed to have been kept together with other material from the excavations of P. Nicorescu in the Museum of Moldavian History in Jasi, however, no trace of this or any other inscriptions from his excavations, could be discovered in the museum.

The restoration was proposed by S. Lambrino, cited by P. Nicorescu. It is quite convincing, although we cannot be sure about every detail. The inscription securely attests the polis magistracy of archons. The mention of agonothetai is very probable, although it is restored.

10: The restoration proposed by Nicorescu and accepted by Karyshkovsky at the end of line 10 is impossible because it produces a very long line; the lacuna can accommodate only the word ψήφισμα.



(cc) © 2017 Askold Ivantchik (edition), Irene Polinskaya (translation)
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