Attested Persons

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Emdash (—) in a name indicates missing letters at the beginning (see "—" in alphabet bar), middle or end.
Hyphen ( - ) indicates a hyphenated name.
Square brackets [ ] indicate that the name is partially or completely restored in this inscription.
Pilcrow (¶) links to a permanent web address for each person, for referencing in external prosopographical databases.

Ὀδ—λης Od—lesVIII–IX centuries C.E.
Ὁδοιτέλης HodoitelesIInd century B.C. husband of Chre—
Οἰνάνθη OinantheIInd century C.E. daughter of Glaukias
Ομαρ Omar470–480s C.E. (before 491–492 C.E.; 473–474 or 483–484 C.E.?).
Ὀμψάλακος OmpsalakosIst century C.E. father of Chod—
Ὀνασικλῆς OnasiklesIIIrd century B.C. husband of Akis
Ουαλεριανός Valerianus2nd half of II - 1st half of IIIrd centuries C.E. related of
Οὐαλεριανός Valerianus2nd half of II - first half of IIIrd centuries C.E. son of Gaius
Οὔγρις OugrisXI–XII centuries C.E.
Οὔλπιος UlpiusIInd century A.D. father of Marcus Ulpius —
Οὐστανος Oustanos1261–1262 C.E. son of Nikephoros
Οὐστανος OustanosIV–V centuries C.E. son of Agathos προτωκομίτες Χιμίρις

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