Attested Persons

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Emdash (—) in a name indicates missing letters at the beginning (see "—" in alphabet bar), middle or end.
Hyphen ( - ) indicates a hyphenated name.
Square brackets [ ] indicate that the name is partially or completely restored in this inscription.
Pilcrow (¶) links to a permanent web address for each person, for referencing in external prosopographical databases.

Ν— N—IX–X centuries C.E.
Να— Na—Late IVth - early IIIrd century B.C. wife of Eukritos
Νάνα NanaLate IV - early IIIrd centuries B.C. daughter of Hereas
wife of Apollonios
Νάνα Nana2nd half of IInd century B.C. daughter of Damokles
wife of Philippos
Νάνων NanonProbably not long after 10th July 138 son of Kallistratos
Νεικ— Ni—IInd century C.E. πάλην
Νεικασώ NikasoIInd century C.E. daughter of
related of
Νεῖλος NeilosХ century C.E. μοναχός (?)
Νεμέριος NemeriosIInd century C.E. father of Pontikos
Νεομήνιος Neomenios2nd half of IV - early IIIrd century B.C. father of Aba
Νεομήνιος NeomeniosIIIrd century B.C. father of Boiskos
Νεόπολις NeapolisIIIrd century B.C. husband of Apollonia
Νηκόλας NicholasLate X – 1st half of XI century C.E.
Νικαγόρας NikagorasIInd century B.C. father of Kleo
Νικαγόρας Nikagoras2nd half of IIIrd century B.C. father of Timagoras
Νίκανδρος Nikandros1202–1203 C.E.
Νικασίτιμος NikasitimosIInd century B.C. husband of Kleo
Νικήτας NiketasX–XI centuries C.E.
Νικήτας Niketas906 C.E. ἀββᾶς καὶ ἡγούμηνος
Νικηφόρος Nikephoros1261–1262 C.E.
Νικιανός NikianosIV century C.E.
Νικόλαος Nicholas392–393 C.E. son of Basileios
Νικόλαος Nicholas1202–1203 C.E.
Νικόλαος NicholasX century C.E.
Νικόλαος NicholasX–XI centuries C.E. related of Prokopios μοναχός
Νικόλαος Nicholas1344 C.E.
Νικόλαος Nicholas906 C.E. μοναχός; πρεσβύτερος
Νικόλας NicholasLate X – 1st half of XI century C.E.
Νικόλας NicholasLate X – 1st half of XI century C.E.
Νικόλας NicholasXIII–XV centuries C.E.
Νικομήδης Nikomedeslate IV–V century C.E.
Νίκων Nicon1202–1203 C.E.

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