III 84. Chersonesos. Decree mentioning "those who applied their seals", II century C.E.






Dimensions (cm)

H. 26.0, W. 21.0, Th. 8.5.

Additional description

Three joining fragments, broken off on all sides. The front is well worked. 

Place of Origin


Find place

Sevastopol (Chersonesos). 

Find context

In the north sector of Chersonesos (grid square 9, enclosure 5). 

Find circumstances

Found in 2001, excavations of S.G. Ryzhov. 

Modern location


Institution and inventory

National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, 24/36358. 

Epigraphic field


On the front. 


Alpha and delta have lightly curved hastae, cursive epsilon and sigma, cursive chi with curved hastae 

Letterheights (cm)

1 – 1.5.





II century C.E. 

Dating criteria

Palaeography, explicit date, prosopography. 


Makarov 2006, 92, № 4 (= SEG 56, 873; cf. Bull.ép., 2007, 410 (Avram)). 


[---τὸ δὲ ψάφισμα τοῦτο ἀναγρα-]
[φᾶμεν λευκο]λίθου στ[άλαι καὶ θέμεν ἐν τῶι τᾶς Παρ?-]
[θένου? προ]νάωι· ταῦτ᾿ [ἔδοξε βουλᾶι δάμωι βασιλευ-]
[ούσας Παρθέ]ν̣[ου], [ἔ]τεος Ρ.[.], [ἱερέως δὲ ]
5[---] μανὸς . 4.[---γραμματεύοντος ---]
[--- ἐσ]φραγίσα[ντο α]´ [στίχῳ]· [θεὰ βασίλισσα]
[Παρθένος], [---]δας Δαμοκλ[έους πρῶτος ἄρχων ---]
[--- ἄρ]χων, Διοσκουρί[δας ---]
[--- Ἡρο]γείτου ἄρχω[ν ---]
10[---]Σ Ἀπολλ[---]
[--- νομ]οφύλα[ξ ---]


[--- ...]ΓΕΙΤΟΥΑΡΧΩ[.---]

EpiDoc (XML)

<div type="edition" xml:lang="grc">
      	<lb n="0"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="line"/>
      	<lb n="1"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><supplied reason="lost">τὸ δὲ ψάφισμα τοῦτο ἀναγρα</supplied>
      	<lb n="2" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">φᾶμεν λευκο</supplied>λίθου 
         στ<supplied reason="lost">άλαι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">καὶ θέμεν ἐν τῶι 
         τᾶς</supplied> <supplied reason="lost" cert="low">Παρ</supplied>
    <lb n="3" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost" cert="low">θένου</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">προ</supplied>νάωι· 
         ταῦτ᾿ <supplied reason="lost">ἔδοξε βουλᾶι δάμωι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">βασιλευ</supplied>
      <lb n="4" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">ούσας</supplied> 
         <supplied reason="lost">Παρθέ</supplied><unclear>ν</unclear><supplied reason="lost">ου</supplied>, 
         <supplied reason="lost">ἔ</supplied>τεος <orig>ρ</orig><gap reason="illegible" quantity="1" unit="character"/><gap reason="lost" quantity="1" unit="character"/>, <supplied reason="lost">ἱερέως δὲ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost" quantity="1" unit="line"/>
      	<lb n="5"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <seg part="F">μανὸς</seg> <gap reason="illegible" quantity="4" unit="character"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><supplied reason="lost">γραμματεύοντος</supplied> <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
      	<lb n="6"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">ἐσ</supplied>φραγίσα<supplied reason="lost">ντο</supplied> 
         <num value="1"><supplied reason="lost">α</supplied></num> 
         <supplied reason="lost">στίχῳ</supplied>· <supplied reason="lost">θεὰ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">βασίλισσα</supplied>
      	<lb n="7"/><supplied reason="lost">Παρθένος</supplied>, 
         <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><seg part="F">δας</seg> 
         Δαμοκλ<supplied reason="lost">έους</supplied> 
         <supplied reason="lost">πρῶτος ἄρχων</supplied> 
         <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
      	<lb n="8"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">ἄρ</supplied>χων, 
         Διοσκουρί<supplied reason="lost">δας</supplied> 
         <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
      	<lb n="9"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> 
      	     <supplied reason="lost">Ἡρο</supplied>γείτου 
         ἄρχω<supplied reason="lost">ν</supplied> <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
      	<lb n="10"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><orig>ς</orig> 
         Ἀπολλ<gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
      	<lb n="11"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">νομ</supplied>οφύλα<supplied reason="lost">ξ</supplied> 
         <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
      	<lb n="11a"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="line"/>
Apparatus criticus

4: В конце строки над Ρ горизонтальная черта, после Ρ виден верх вертикали.
5: Следы четырех букв в начале строки не поддаются надежному определению; возможно, ΑΝ, затем следы курсивного Ε или Θ; в конце стк. нижняя часть вертикальной гасты.
6: vel [--- ἐσ]φραγίσα[ντο· θεὰ βασίλισσα Παρθένος]
7: вероятно, [Ἡροΐ]δας.


[ to inscribe the decision on a white] stone st[ele and to place it in the pro]naos [of Parthenos? The Council and the Peopld decided] this, in the reign of Parthenos, in the] year 1.., when [- - -] was priest, in the month [when - - - was secretary]. Applied their seals [in the first row: goddess queen Parthenos, - - -], son of Damokles, [first archon, - - -], archon, Dioskouridas, (son of) [- - -, - - -,] (son of) Herogeitos, archon, [- - -], nomohylax [- - -].



Date: II century C.E., probably within the 1st quarter.

The text is the conclusion of a decree, with a closing formula, provisions for installation, dating formula and a list of Council members who were present when the decree was passed.



(cc) © 2017 Igor Makarov (edition), Irene Polinskaya (translation)
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