III 14. Chersonesos. Decree honouring Cornelius Poudes, late I century B.C.E. - third quarter of I century C.E.






Dimensions (cm)

H. 12.5, W. 13.5, Th. 4.0.

Additional description

Partially preserved top right corner of the panel, as one can judge from the transcription. The inscription cut following ruled lines. 

Place of Origin


Find place

Sevastopol (Chersonesos). 

Find context

South sector of the citadel of Chersonesos ("on the site of the former basement, near the monastery stables"). 

Find circumstances

Found in 1898, excavations of K.K. Kostsyushko-Valyuzhinich (НА НЗХТ, д. 7, л. 12, № 158; д. 27, л. 5, № 158). 

Modern location


Institution and inventory

National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, 35098. 

Epigraphic field


On the front. 


Small, but clearly cut letters; alpha with straight crossbar, narrow epsilon, dotted theta, the right diagonal of triangular letters (delta, lambda) projects above the intersection with the left. 

Letterheights (cm)






Late I century B.C.E. - third quarter of I century C.E. 

Dating criteria



Latyshev 1899, 6, № 3 (= IOSPE IV 69); IOSPE I2 356. 


[---].ΟΥΠΟ. 6. π̣όλις συ.
[---]ε̣ν ὠφελίμους τε ταῖς
[--- ἐπ]ανγέλλεται δὲ καὶ τοῦ λοι-
[ποῦ χρήσιμος? ἔσε]σθ<α>ι μηδὲν παραλείπων προ-
5[θυμίας κατὰ δύναμι]ν ἑατοῦ εἰς ὅ τι συνοίσει Χερσο-
[νασιταις]· [ὅπως οὖν φαινώ]μ̣εθα προτρεπόμενοι πλεί-
[ους περὶ τὰν πόλιν ἀγα]θοὺς εἶμεν ἄνδρας, δεδό-
[χθαι τᾶι βουλᾶι καὶ] τῶι δάμωι· ἐπ<α>ινέσ<α>ι μὲν̣
[ἐπὶ τούτοις --- Κο]ρνήλιον Πούδητα, δεδόσ-
10[θαι δὲ αὐτῶι πολιτείαν?], [προ]ξενίαν, εἴσπλουν καὶ
[ἔκπλουν ἀσυλεὶ ἀσπονδεὶ] ἔν τε εἰράναι καὶ πο[λέ-]
[μωι αὐτῶι καὶ ἐκγόνοις καὶ χρ]ή̣μασιν· ὅπως δὲ [...]

4: orig. ...ΣΘΛΙ; 8: orig. ΕΠΛΙΝΕΣΛΙ



4: orig. ...ΣΘΛΙ; 8: orig. ΕΠΛΙΝΕΣΛΙ

EpiDoc (XML)

<div type="edition" xml:lang="grc">
      		<lb n="0"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="line"/>
      		<lb n="1"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><gap reason="illegible" quantity="1" unit="character"/><orig>ΟΥΠΟ</orig><gap reason="illegible" quantity="6" unit="character"/> <unclear>π</unclear>όλις <w part="I">συ</w><gap reason="illegible" quantity="1" unit="character"/>
      		<lb n="2"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><w part="F"><unclear>ε</unclear>ν</w> ὠφελίμους τε ταῖς
      		<lb n="3"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">ἐπ</supplied>ανγέλλεται δὲ καὶ 
            τοῦ λοι
      		<lb n="4" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">ποῦ</supplied> <supplied reason="lost" cert="low">χρήσιμος</supplied> 
            <supplied reason="lost">ἔσε</supplied>σθ<choice><corr>α</corr><sic>Λ</sic></choice>ι μηδὲν παραλείπων προ
      		<lb n="5" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">θυμίας</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">κατὰ</supplied> 
            <supplied reason="lost">δύναμι</supplied><supplied reason="undefined" evidence="previouseditor">ν</supplied> ἑατοῦ 
            εἰς ὅ τι συνοίσει Χερσο
      		<lb n="6" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">νασιταις</supplied>· <supplied reason="lost">ὅπως οὖν</supplied> 
            <supplied reason="lost">φαινώ</supplied><unclear>μ</unclear>εθα προτρεπόμενοι πλεί
      		<lb n="7" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">ους</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">περὶ τὰν πόλιν</supplied> 
            <supplied reason="lost">ἀγα</supplied>θοὺς εἶμεν ἄνδρας, δεδό
      		<lb n="8" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">χθαι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">τᾶι βουλᾶι καὶ</supplied> 
            τῶι δάμωι· ἐπ<choice><corr>α</corr><sic>Λ</sic></choice>ινέσ<choice><corr>α</corr><sic>Λ</sic></choice>ι 
      		<lb n="9"/><supplied reason="lost">ἐπὶ τούτοις</supplied> <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> 
            <supplied reason="lost">Κο</supplied><supplied reason="undefined" evidence="previouseditor">ρ</supplied>νήλιον 
            Πούδητα, δεδόσ
      		<lb n="10" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">θαι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">δὲ αὐτῶι</supplied> 
            <supplied reason="lost" cert="low">πολιτείαν</supplied>, <supplied reason="lost">προ</supplied>ξενίαν, εἴσπλουν καὶ
      		<lb n="11"/><supplied reason="lost">ἔκπλουν ἀσυλεὶ ἀσπονδεὶ</supplied> ἔν τε 
            εἰράναι καὶ πο<supplied reason="lost">λέ</supplied>
      		<lb n="12" break="no"/><supplied reason="lost">μωι</supplied> <supplied reason="lost">αὐτῶι καὶ ἐκγόνοις καὶ</supplied> 
            <supplied reason="lost">χρ</supplied><unclear>ή</unclear>μασιν· ὅπως δὲ <gap reason="lost" quantity="3" unit="character"/>
      		<lb n="12a"/><space quantity="1" unit="cm" cert="low"/>

Tyumenev 1950, 17; Zubar 1987, 124, прим. 47. 

Apparatus criticus

1: [- - -]ε τοῦ πο[. . .] ἁ πόλις συ[ν] edd.
4: in.: ΣΘΛΙ lapis
5-6: Χερσο|[νάσωι] edd.
6-7: πλεί|[ους εἰς τὸ καλοὺς κἀγα]θοὺς edd.
10: [πολιτείαν ?] Latyshev; [πολιτείαν] (cf. ibid., p. 314: «hoc supplementum ideo dubium nobis videtur, quod in aliis Chersonesitarum decretis de proxenia donanda πολιτεία postponitur προξενίᾳ, non anteponitur) IOSPE I2


[- - - (since) - - -] ... polis...beneficial... and promises in the future to be of use, neglecting nothing of goodwill, as much as it is in his power, in what might be serviceable to the Chersonesites; [therefore, so that we may be seen] to encourage more men to be good [towards the polis, the Council and] the People shall decide to praise [Cor]nelius Poudes [because of these], to grant [him citizenship, pro]xeny, right of sailing in and [out of the harbour without a threat of confiscation and without formal treaty], in peace time and in war [time, for him, for his descendants and his go]ods. Therefore so that...].



(cc) © 2017 Igor Makarov (edition), Irene Polinskaya (translation)
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